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Transport box - Pressure lamp - SMALL

NEW wooden box - Customized
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List Number: 1752331827731
Manufacturer:Old Lantern Shop
Price:230,0 $
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New wooden storage / transport box - with customized inside holders of the lamp. Made from European oak wood, quality metal hardware from European producers with 100 years of tradition - original vintage 1940's look. Inside holders are covered with natural felt to protect the lamp. The surface finish of the wooden box is painted with OSMO Polyx® (Hardwax Oil - High Solid).
Fully handcrafted. Made in Europe.

Into this box can fit for example: Ditmar Maximette / Maxim (581, 571, 593, 583, 523, etc..) Petromax 900 Baby, Aida 100, Hasag 34, and much more...

CUSTOMIZED - Internal holders will be customized to the required dimensions of any pressure lamp. The internal size of the wooden box is 14 x 16 x 29 Centimeters (maximal size of lamp).
Before order, please contact us for which lamp you need it - and tell us the size of the lamp - FUEL TANK DIAMETER + TOTAL HEIGHT (in centimeters / millimeters).
It will be shipped after about one week (need to make customized inside).
The external size of the box is ca. 32 x 20 x 18 Centimeters. Total weight is ca. 3,5 kilograms.
Limited quantity available!
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